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Kotona minulla asuu ainoastaan 3 cotonia, joista tiedot alempana. Tällä hetkellä käytännössä kaikki jalostus-/yhteisomistuskoiramme asuvat perheissä.


At home i have only 3 cotons that are listed here below. At the moment all breeding-/co-operationdogs are living in families.



C.I.B                         Champion International de Beauté
NORD CH                Nordic Champion
FI CH                        Finnish Champion
SE CH                       Swedish Show Champion
NO CH                     Norwegian Show Champion
EE CH                       Estonian Show Champion
LV CH                       Latvian Show Champion
EE VCH                     Estonian Veteran Show Champion
PL VCH                     Polish Veteran Show Champion
UA VCH                    Ukrainian Veteran Show Champion
LT CH                        Lithuanian Show Champion
RU CH                       Russian Show Champion
BALT CH                   Baltic Show Champion
BY CH                       Belorussian Show Champion
BY VCH                     Belorussian Veteran Show Champion
LV VCH                     Latvian Veteran Show Champion
LT VCH                     Lithuanian Veteran Show Champion
BALT VCH                Baltic Veteran Show Champion
NL VCH                     Dutch Veteran Show Champion

RU VCH                    Russian Veteran Champion

RKFVW                      RKF Veteran CH

RKFV                         RKF CH
BALTVW-17             Baltic Veteran Winner 2017
LVVW-17                  Latvian Veteran Winner 2017
EUVW-17                 European Veteran Winner 2017
FIVW-17                   Finnish Veteran Winner 2017
HeVW-17                 Helsinki Veteran Winner 2017
VWW-18                   World Veteran Winner 2018
BENELUXVW-18     Benelux Veteran Winner 2018
BYVW-18                 Belorussian Veteran Winner 2018
EUVW-18                 European Veteran Winner 2018
HeVW-18                 Helsinki Veteran Winner 2018

EUVW-19                 European Veteran Winner 2019
ATVW-19                 Austrian Veteran Winner 2019


Best in Show Veteran in European Dog Show 2019 in Austria


Dimanche Cotton's Chere "Charlotta"

Charlotta winning BOB+BOB-vet @ EDS2017,
at the age of 8 years
 Charlotta in WDS 2018 Amsterdam winning
Veteran World Winner 2018 title.
Charlotta in Norway 11/2014

s. 22.5.2009
Charlotta Jalostustietojärjestelmässä / Pedigree



C.I.B                   Champion International de Beauté

NORD CH         Nordic Champion
FI CH                 Finnish Champion
SE CH                Swedish Show Champion
NO CH              Norwegian Show Champion
BY CH               Belorussian Show Champion

RU CH               Russian Champion

RKF CH             RKF Champion

BALT CH           Baltic Show Champion

EE CH                Estonian Show Champion

LT CH                Lithuanian Show Champion

LV CH                Latvian Show Champion
RU JCH              Russian Junior Show Champion
BY JCH              Belorussian Junior Show Champion
BY GR CH         Belorussian Grand Show Champion
LT JCH               Lithuanian Junior Show Champion
LV JCH               Latvian Junior Show Champion
EE JCH               Estonian Junior Show Champion
BALT JCH          Baltic Junior Show Champion
LVJW-17            Latvian Junior Winner 2017
BYW-18             Belorussian Winner 2018

Chanceux Je T'Aime Joli Coeur "Toivo"



s. 15.02.2016

Toivo KoiraNet Jalostustietojärjestelmässä / Pedigree